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  • Camino real
  • Zoque's Province
  • Haciendas
  • Soconusco Coast
  • Living cultures
  • Dos Chiapas
  • Mayan

Camino real


Let's recreate the ancient Camino Real, running along the right edge of the Grijalva river from Chiapa de Corzo through Alcalá, which still preserves its parish church dating from 1590 and continues to Venustiano Carranza

Zoque's Province


For modern travelers, as for the Spaniards in the XVI century, arriving to Chiapas from the Golf coast or from central México, means to land in one of the oldest habited territories of the Zoques, an ethnic group related with the ancient Olmecas.



This area of the state has been a home for the zoques since prehispanic times, who gave their surroundings a meaning that made the landscape acquire a connection with the deities of the sky and water, the wind and the earth. Touring this sacred geography gives a new meaning to trip through Chiapas.

Soconusco Coast


Chiapas has a coastline of approximately 270 kilometers along the Pacific Ocean and has a diversity of natural and cultural resources with lots of touristic attractions.

Living cultures


The natural and cultural elements of the Highlands of Chiapas set this region among the most interesting places for those who seeks the balance between mystic culture and amazing landscapes.

Dos Chiapas


Appreciate two of the main Magical Towns of Chiapas: Chiapa de Corzo, with a lot of historical monuments and artisan wealth and San Cristóbal de las Casas, the old Ciudad Real de Chiapa considered one of the most romantic cities of the world due to its colonial remanence, architectural treasures and the warmth of its people.



Beside the incredible beauty of Chiapas' landscapes, colorful towns, superb colonial monuments, we offer the majestic vestiges of Mesoamerican culture, whose richness blend with the perennial green and the sounds of the jungle.